Top 5 apps which will track your health!

Health is one's physical and mental condition, How a person should be in his day to day life in this world we need to maintain our health to be fit, Every day we try something new some spicy or oily this not only gives you taste but also gives you fat and loose of energy.

Should we say no to our favorite food?

No because in now we can maintain and track our health with these apps,
Here are ten apps that will totally change the way you are now and after some months.

No. 1  Google Fit

Google Fit is an android app provided by google this app also collaborate with WHO and AHA
and will help you to improve your health.

No. 2  Samsung Health

This app is raking on play store so it might be for you because it offers you to track your fitness, weight, diet, food and sleep.

No. 3  Huawei Health

 If you are a sport's lower than this app will fit in your mobile phone,
This app is by a popular smartphone and smart watch brand Honor or Huawei.

No. 4  adidas Running App

This is another app for sports lovers . This app will monitor your workout the fitness coach in this will help you to achieve your goals.

No. 5  Pedometer

Pedometer will help you to burn your calories ad will have a track on your steps and make you lose weight.

Now I think so you can eat your favorite food without any hesitation and this doesn't take long time and can be done within an hour or less and with very good results.

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